This week is a big one for us, for two reasons. First, we’re featuring one of our favorite bands (comprised of some of the nicest people we’ve ever met), Kye Kye. The atmospheric, female-fronted, indie quartet has just released their sophomore album, “Fantasize,” and it’s quickly become a favorite within our office. And second, we make a HUGE announcement on the show! Perhaps you’ve noticed, but we’ve unveiled a brand new podcast section on our website, and now…finally…you can access the entire podcast archive. We’re also introducing a podcast wiki, so now it’s up to you to go back and listen to old episodes, import the funny and ridiculous moments, and bring the new podcast section to life. We’re really excited about this and hope you all love it too.


What are your favorite all-time podcast moments?

Go check out the new podcast archive section, and tell us what your favorite podcast moments have been. And while you’re at it, tell us how long you’ve been listening to the show!