This week we spotlight one of our favorite new bands, Leagues. The Nashville rock n’ rollers, fronted by industry veteran Thad Cockrell, make music that will force you to sing along and dance, and as summer approaches, we’re positive this will be your windows down, volume up, go-to album. We also get a listener on the line to play a game against newly-knighted podcaster, Tyler, and we debate the trustworthiness of some of our world’s greatest celebrities.

A big thanks to the episode’s sponsor, Tonx Coffee, an amazing new roaster out of LA. They source beans directly from the growers, roast them, and ship within 24 hours so they’re as fresh as can be. For a free sample, check out

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What is the worst summer job you ever had, and why?

School is letting out, summer plans are being made, and millions of you are about to enter a summer job that could be the best or worst experience of your life. And if you’re past the age of having a “summer job,” chances are you can think back to one that, for one reason or another, left a terrible taste in your mouth. And of course, we want to hear all about it! Tell us what was the worst summer job you ever had, and just why it was so horrible.