This week we talk to author, speaker, pastor and founder of the Passion movement, Louie Giglio. Passion 2014 is happening this weekend in Atlanta, and Louie talks with us about the conferences, his thoughts on worship, and where Passion might go from here. We also introduce you to an up and coming soulful singer/songwriter named Willis Earl Beal. His latest album, “Nobody Knows” is one you should definitely have on your radar. And it wouldn’t be a proper podcast without discussing presidential paintings, “The Muscles From Brussels,” and real world applications for Olympic sports…

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What is your most embarrassing moment?

This week we want to hear your most embarrassing moment. And we need the whole story here, so give us all the details that surrounded this life-changing moment.

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  1. It was the year of fourth grade. I’m in music class and the teacher has given us free time to do what we want. I decide I want to figure out the guitar riff to some Newsboys song on the keyboard. I’m starting to make some progress when a classmate comes over. We’ll just call him Ben. Ben decides it would be good fun to start trying to mess me up by hitting random notes on the keyboard so I’m not able to figure out this riff. At first I politely tell him “dude, stop” but this was not enough to convince him to stop. I tried to just keep playing but he kept going and I wasn’t able to concentrate. “It’s not funny. Stop!” I said, but he just laughed and stood poised to continue. At this point an idea pops into my head. “I bet if I grabbed his hand and squeezed it really hard, that would show him how serious I am.” So I decided to set the trap. I would start playing and then when he went for the keys I would grab his hand and squeeze it as hard as I could. I went to start playing, and sure enough he fell for it! His hands were banging the keyboard when I locked on and sent my hand flying toward it like a heat seeking missile. Unfortunately he saw the hand incoming and deployed some evasive maneuvers so that I missed his hand. Even more unfortunately, my hand was still committed to finding it’s target, and continued on its trajectory… which happened to be straight at the family jewels of Ben. I’ll never forget the look of utter surprise, and pain on Ben’s face as my hand found it’s unintended target and squeezed as hard as it could. Eyes wide, mouth open in an “O”. I’m sure that my face was contorted in a similar fashion as I couldn’t believe it either. I pulled my hand away as quick as I could, but the damage had been done. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt, and I pleaded with him that I was sorry, didn’t mean to do it, and please don’t tell anyone. It was one of the most intense fears I have known. Ben was really cool about it, and as far as I know he never told anyone.

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