This week, Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice, Shark Tank) and wife Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) join us to talk about their new film “Son of God” that opens everywhere this weekend. “Son of God” brings the life of Jesus to the big screen like never before, and is the first major motion picture about Jesus’ life since Passion of the Christ, released ten years ago. And today officially marks the start of the Oskarz season. To vote, head over to (yes, it’s a real site) and select who you think is worthy to take home a coveted Oskarz trophy. Winners will be announced on next week’s awards show.


What movie defines or typifies each state?

A map has been created showing the defining musical acts for each state. So with this being Oskarz week, we want to hear your ideas for defining movies for each state. Tell us your best ideas and we’ll pick 5 of our favorites to win a pair of tickets to see “Son of God” in the theatre.

Also, don’t forget to go to and vote for your favorite nominees. Winners will be announced during next week’s official Oskarz award show.