This week we celebrate 7 years of the RELEVANT Podcast! Not only do we talk to one of our favorite new bands, Of Monsters and Men, we even pulled Jesse Carey away from Loverland, Virginia to join us in-studio. We spent the entire weekend celebrating, engaging in a ridiculous photo shoot and embarking on an epic trip to Medieval Times (don’t worry, we tell you ALL about it). Pull out the party hats, people…it’s time to celebrate!

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What are your podcast highlights from the past 7 years?

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been doing this podcast for 7 years now. We’ve had a lot of fun, talked to a lot of artists, authors and filmmakers, and done some ridiculous things that our mothers aren’t proud of. But the reason we keep doing this week after week is you. You all take the time to download, listen and give feedback and we couldn’t be more thankful. So this week we simply want to ask you, what are some of your favorite podcast moments from the last 7 years (or however long you’ve been listening). We’ll share your favorites and take a trip down memory lane on next week’s show.