This week we talk to one of our favorite spoken word & hip-hop artists, Propaganda. Prop weaves seamlessly between rap and poetry, challenges thoughts with his social commentary, and serves up some of the best head-nodding hip-hop around. We also invite a listener to play a game with us, invent an exclusive new underground organization, find out what Jungle Bird has been up to and much more.

  1. I have composed a list of the current Eagle Scout required merit badges for the BSA, along with a list of the Falcon Rank required badges for the Order of the Bow (aka the less lame ones) #QOTW

    BSA: OB:

    First Aid Body Knowledge (Learn how the
    human body works and how to
    incapacitate anyone within seconds)

    Citizenship in the Community Membership (Learn the history,
    goals, and values of the OB)

    Citizenship in the Nation Tom Sawyer (Learn the art of
    the conman from the master

    Citizenship in the World Chemicals 101 (Learn chemicals
    {only the ones that combust
    [preferably spontaneously]})

    Communication Military Signals (Learn how to
    communicate silently in order to
    stay stealthy while invading the OA)

    Cooking Open Fire Cooking (requires you to
    hunt down your food with just a
    pocket knife)

    Personal Fitness Falconry (’cause who needs to
    do anything physical when they
    control a bird of pray)

    Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving Emergency Preparedness (Learn
    how to prepare for the apocalypse
    by building a bomb shelter full of
    weapons, food, and anything else
    you’ll need)

    Environmental Science OR Sustainability Environmental Science (Learn how
    to make basic explosives out of what
    you find in the woods)

    Personal Management Arsenal Management (Learn how to
    treat and take care of your arsenal)

    Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling Under Water Combat (Learn to fight
    in under water environments)

    Camping Life (This is how a OB member
    should live)

    Family Life Brotherhood (Learn how to treat
    you fellow OB brothers what being
    part of the OB means)

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