This week we talk to actress and producer Roma Downey – on location in Morocco – about her new series, A.D. The Bible Continues. The series premieres Easter night on NBC. We also spotlight hip hop artist Derek Minor and talk about his latest album, Empire. Plus, we welcome a guest host to the show, find out what the Pope’s been up to and discuss which Twitter follower could get us out of a sticky situation.

  1. My church likes to do big Easter and Christmas productions, and when I was in High school, i was in many of them. One Christmas, i was one of a few angels who danced around Gabriel, who was hooked up in a harness so that he appeared like he was floating above, singing the good news that Jesus was born. This was supposed to be a beautiful moment in the play. Instead, it was a moment that all of us dancers remember to this day. Gabriel (who was and still is an active member of my church choir) didn’t think about a bunch of teenage girls dancing below him, using his position on the stage as a focal point for their dance routine, and he decided to make the decision not to wear shorts under his angel costume…We tried to avoid looking up, and anytime we did, we giggled like any 14 year old girl would do if she saw a man’s boxers (most likely being noticed by the audience). Its been quite a few years since this moment, but anytime i happen to see those other dancers when i go back to my home church, we laugh to each other, acknowledging that awkward moment.

  2. When I was 9, we were hunting eggs at my grandparent’s house. The first egg I found was hidden by their heat pump. It reminded me of an episode of “The Bloodhound Gang”, which came on the kid’s science show “3,2,1, Contact!”. They somehow used the fact that it’s harder to crack an egg by applying pressure vertically than horizontally. I then yelled this fact out to everyone and demonstrated…on a rotten egg with an old, weak shell from the year before that had been forgotten. The smell hit me, lunch came up, and unfortunately I was pointed at the heat pump, which decided to turn on at that moment. I was done for the day. Love the show!!

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