On this week’s show, reigning NBA Most Improved Player and former Orlando Magic power forward Ryan Anderson joins us in the studio (yes, Cameron geeks out a little). Also, a great indie rock band, Yellow Ostrich, joins us for a segment. Jesse gives us a recap of his Jersey Shore vacation and we unveil your greatest fears. It’s a great episode so don’t go anywhere (unless you want to leave us and go to L.A.—we’re used to that).

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What rides should be in our theme park?

This week we unveiled plans to create our own theme park and we want to get you in on the planning. Among our park’s many attractions there will undoubtedly be a “Podcast Land” so we fully expect your imaginations to run wild with that. There are many theme parks in this great world of ours, but we have a feeling that with all of you putting your minds together, we can come up with one of the best. So there’s your challenge this week – what rides should be in our theme park?