Sarah MacIntosh Performs

Plus, our nominees, the week’s slices and entertainment releases, your feedback and much more …

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Sarah MacIntosh













Sorry, Sarah MacIntosh’s people have asked us to delay the launching of the videos until 3/6. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Episode Music
Because we know you’re going to ask, here is the music played on this episode:

  • Gotye, "Easy Way Out"
  • fun., "Some Nights"
  • Leagues, "Safety"
  • Punch Brothers, "Who’s Feeling Young Now?"
  • Nurses, "Fever Dreams"
  • Jack White, "Love Interruption"
  • Sleigh Bells, "Crush"

Podcast Question of the Week

While many of you prepare for The Oscars this weekend, we are excited to announce an equally significant award show: "The 2012 Non-Celebrity Reality Show Awards"…or better known as: ""

This week, go over to (yes it’s a real site) and vote to determine which non-celebrity or well-deserving show will take home the coveted honor of winner. 

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