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Season 3, Episode 3: God Crashed My Plans
The Dharius Daniels Podcast
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Today’s episode is not just what Dharius refers to as “edutainment”, it’s liberating. This week, Dharius is joined by thriving stand-up comic, actress, best known from her role as “Molly” on the HBO series, Insecure, and author, Yvonne Orji. Dharius sits down with Yvonne to discuss the upcoming release of her new book, Bamboozled by Jesus, remaining faithful to who you are and best practices on modeling and managing success when God crashes your plans. The cast talks fashion and shares how their plans were altered by God. During the Ask Dr. Dharius segment, learn Dharius’ perspective on why he stands on the plane once it lands and how the cast grew to have great chemistry.

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