This week we feature an intimate, raw and beautiful in-studio performance from one of our favorite bands, Us and Our Daughters. The husband/wife duo of Phil and Lia LaRue have a new EP out, and they played us 2 songs from it. Bonus: we filmed the performances and you can see them all right here. Double bonus: the full EP is streaming right now on The Drop. We also talk to Rachel Cruze about money (she’s Dave Ramsey‘s daughter, so she knows a few things), uncover one of the most terrifying creatures we’ve ever seen, and play some of our favorite “intro music” songs.


What would you do to spend $30,000 in cash in one day?

If you were to find $30,000 in cash, but needed to spend it all in one day, where would you go and what you buy? Also, no single item can be over $7,000.

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  1. Btw guys those flying foxes, or fruit bats are harmless. Cute even. But they only eat fruit. I think they would be even cooler to train than falcons.

    Here’s my answer for QOTW:
    Car Parts!
    $7000 1971 camaro used body shell
    $6000 auto body work
    1.5 used engine block
    3 blower
    1.5 transmission and drivetrain
    2.5 interior/glass
    6 engine internals
    1.3 tires and rims
    .15 wiring harness
    .5 high flow side exhaust
    1 suspension upgrade
    + tax

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