Coming After You


Aaron Strumpel’s new album, “BRIGHT STAR” comes from an atmosphere of creativity and faithfulness to write songs and create records of lament and joy, proclamation and complaint. It is an album of songs to be listened to; it is an album of songs to be sung, both personally and congregationally, whether led with an acoustic guitar or pop- synth orchestra. It captures a sound that is at once wondrous in scope and approachable in intention.

“Coming After You,” gives the listener the language of yearning.

There’s a breach in my walls
Where I can reach to you
There’s a ladder ‘gainst my walls
Where I can climb to you

Strengthen my feet
For the high places
I’m comin’ after you
Toughen my mind
‘Gainst all my fears
I’m comin’ after you

There’s a doorway to my heart
I will let you thru
There’s a passage to my heart
Won’t you come on thru

As the deer panteth for the waters
So my soul thirsts for you

One thought on “Coming After You

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