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RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 725: John Mark McMillan

On today’s show, we talk with singer and artist John Mark McMillan about how church, music and culture have evolved in the last 10 years—and where they might be headed next. Also, Annie returns and we discuss the plan to “storm” Area 51, how a...

Relevant Podcast Episode 725: John Mark McMillan



RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 693: Tedashii on Grief and Perseverance

Rapper Tedashii joins us to talk about his brand new album Never Fold and discusses how Christians should approach grief, suffering and ultimately perseverance. Also, Brady Toops sits in as a special guest host as we take your questions, discuss our...

Relevant Podcast Episode 693: Tedashii on Grief and Perseverance
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 692: Highlands Worship

On today’s show, we talk with Highlands Worship about their incredible new album Jesus You Alone, and author and speaker Bianca Olthoff joins us for the whole show! Plus, World Vision’s Brian Duss explains the significance of World Water Day, how...

Relevant Podcast Episode 692: Highlands Worship
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 691: Kim Walker-Smith

On today’s show, Jesus Culture worship leader and author of the new book Brave Surrender, Kim Walker-Smith, opens up about her painful upbringing and how she overcame shame and fear to find deep healing in God. Plus, the gang learns how Taco Bell...

Relevant Podcast Episode 691: Kim Walker-Smith
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 690: Maggie Rogers

On today's podcast, we talk with indie-pop singer Maggie Rogers about her critically acclaimed new album Heard It in a Past Life. The gang also plays a truly unforgettable game with a listener, discusses HBO’s new Leaving Neverland docuseries,...

Relevant Podcast Episode 690: Maggie Rogers
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 689: LIVE — Shane Claiborne

On today’s show, author and activist Shane Claiborne discusses how Christians can address America’s gun violence problem and the vision behind his new book “Beating Guns.” The gang also finds out the most popular things people are giving up...

Relevant Podcast Episode 689: LIVE — Shane Claiborne
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 688: David Curry

On today’s show, Open Doors USA President and CEO David Curry tells us about the shocking levels of persecution facing Christian churches in China. We also look at (another) controversial Christian comic book currently in the works, hear about Mindy...

Relevant Podcast Episode 688: David Curry
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 687: LIVE — Joel McHale

On today's show, we talk with actor and comedian Joel McHale about why he thinks Jesus would enjoy reality TV and why going to church is such an important part of his life. We also learn why you should maybe think twice before turning on music while...

Relevant Podcast Episode 687: LIVE — Joel McHale
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 686: Jerry Lorenzo

On today’s show, designer, entrepreneur and mastermind behind the brand FEAR OF GOD, Jerry Lorenzo, opens up about his own story of faith and redemption, and explains how he’s using fashion to change culture. Plus, we hear Stephen...

Relevant Podcast Episode 686: Jerry Lorenzo
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 685: LIVE — DeVon Franklin

On today's show, filmmaker, speaker and author DeVon Franklin discusses how Christians should address toxic masculinity—and his upcoming movie about the inventor of Flaming Hot Cheetos (seriously, it sounds great). Also, the gang discusses how A.I....

Relevant Podcast Episode 685: LIVE — DeVon Franklin
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 684: Brian Johnson

On today's podcast, the gang debates Jesse's contribution to the podcast, discusses Colin Kaepernick's settlement with the NFL and hears from Bethel's Brian Johnson about his new book about his struggles with mental health.

Relevant Podcast Episode 684: Brian Johnson
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 683: LIVE — Christians & Conspiracy Theories

On today’s show, we discuss the rise of conspiracy theories and why so many young Christians have started to believe them. We also learn about religion’s link to happiness, Eddie brings us a terrifying new “Revelation Revelation,” we hear why...

Relevant Podcast Episode 683: LIVE — Christians & Conspiracy Theories
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 682: Jonathan Merritt

On today’s show, we talk with author and reporter Jonathan Merritt about the sexual abuse scandal unfolding in the Southern Baptist Convention—and how to prevent abuse in the future. That gang also discusses the new faith-inspired single from John...

Relevant Podcast Episode 682: Jonathan Merritt
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 681: LIVE — Young the Giant

On today’s show, we talk with indie-rock outfit Young the Giant about their acclaimed new album, Mirror Master. Also, because it’s our very own Big Cat’s birthday, we hear from listeners for a very special “Ask Eddie” segment. Plus, a look...

Relevant Podcast Episode 681: LIVE — Young the Giant
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 680: Margaret Feinberg

On today’s show, we talk with author Margaret Feinberg about her new book Taste and See, and why God wants us to understand what, how and why we eat in a different way. We also discuss the end of Gungor, Ashton Kutcher’s viral pro-life video,...

Relevant Podcast Episode 680: Margaret Feinberg
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 679: LIVE — Bob Goff

On today’s show, we debut our new live weekly format! Every Tuesday, you can now watch the episode recorded live and interact with us on Facebook and YouTube. Plus more big news: Eddie rejoins the cast! Also, author Bob Goff joins us to talk about...

Relevant Podcast Episode 679: LIVE — Bob Goff
RELEVANT PODCAST Episode 678: Jon Foreman

On today’s show, we talk with Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman about the band’s brand-new album Native Tongue, and why the world needs hope now more than ever. We also hear about how Patton Oswalt helped out an internet hater in a truly...

Relevant Podcast Episode 678: Jon Foreman


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