Will Smith is nearing the age of 50, and during his career, he has climbed to the top of the worlds of TV, movies and music.

The man has nothing left to prove.

He could easily spend the next few years starring in blockbuster remakes and sequels (like the upcoming Aladdin and Bad Boys movies), and and casually maintain his status as a global movie superstar.

But for some reason, Will Smith has decided to return to music, and partner up with his ‘90s collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff, to create a new song that will make you question if Will Smith was ever as cool as you remember him. Sure, the song has a nice message (shining your light or something), but it almost sounds like a parody of an EDM song. Also, for reasons that are unclear, Will Smith appears to be singing with an accent.

Warning, you can’t unhear this.

Will Smith – Get Lit (Live)

Been messing around in the studio and wanted to try this new track on the fans in Croatia and U.K.…. no plans, no pressure… just back to basics with DJ Jazzy Jeff! Here’s “Get Lit"

Posted by Will Smith on Tuesday, September 5, 2017


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