Google Announces Revolutionary New Technology: Google Nose


First Google promised to change the way we see the world, with their futuristic computer-equipped eyeglasses. Now the tech-giant has unveiled a product that lets users continue their multi-sensory exploration of all the internet has to offer—Google Nose. The brand new product, lets users smell objects they are searching for online, and use Android-powered mobile devices to digitally “smell” their environment, utilizing the odor to search a database of known fragrances.

We wish Google would continue to spend their time on these types of endeavors instead of wasting all of our time with lame April Fools’ Day prank announcements like this video for the “new”, revolutionary Gmail upgrade, “Blue”. Very funny Google, you just turned Gmail the color blue and called it a new product. When you decide to stop posting lame joke videos and want to post something serious, let us know; we’re actually really interested in this Nose thing …

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