John Piper Talks (About) Tongues


It’s been a big week for speaking in tongues. First, Megan Fox went public with her affinity for the spiritual gift, and now author/pastor John Piper is joining the conversation. (What do you think?)

One thought on “John Piper Talks (About) Tongues

  1. Growing up in a Pentecostal church, tongues were a normal part of life. After evolving from being strictly ‘pentecostal’ to a follower of Christ, I understand and believe some things differently than before. Whereas tongues were taught to be evidence of salvation in this church, after studying in the New Testament and lots of praying and learning about this subject, I now understand tongues much in the same way as Piper. I believe in the specific church that I grew up in, there was an incredible emphasis on works of the Spirit, and for me, that led to a lack of focus on what the entire Bible and NT is pointing towards – Jesus Christ and his unending, unfailing love for mankind. I do also agree with author Francis Chan in his book ‘The Forgotten God,’ that the Holy Spirit can often be completely overlooked in some churches. I do believe that God still endows his followers with spiritual gifts, and I believe we should ask for them, but when focus is taken away from beauty of the gospel and the grace of Jesus Christ, in my experience, it can lead to a skewed view of what it means to be a Christian.

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