This is one of the strangest internet stories you will likely ever read: There are people on Reddit and Twitter attempting to find a movie called Shazaam which starred actor and comedian Sinbad as a friendly genie. According to those who claim to have seen this movie, it came out before Shaq’s critically panned comedy called Kazaam, and was a relatively enjoyable ‘90s comedy.

The only problem is, there is no record of such a movie ever existing, and Sinbad himself says he never acted in it or even heard of it before random people on the internet started asking him about it.

The magazine NewStatesman has just published a fascinating investigative article about the conspiracy, and some theories as to why so many people have vivid memories of watching a movie that there is no evidence has ever existed. Literally, there are no records of the movie ever being made—no photos, no old VHS tapes, nothing. That’s despite cash rewards from people eager to prove it is real.

Some people believe the group is falling victim to “the social contagion of memory”—essentially, all of the talk about the movie is creating realistic false memories in people’s minds. Some people believe the movie was “disappeared” because Sinbad himself hated it. Some people believe it is an example of the “Mandela Effect,” which essentially states that multiple realities have existed, and splintered versions sometimes converge (in this case, in one reality Shazaam was real).

Either way, it is really, really strange.

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard this news and I somehow “remember” that Sinbad genie movie. Never saw it, but feel like I remember it existing. So weird.

      1. It sounds correct but like the lady said it may have been what’s kazamm that we remember. But because one person said it we all remembered it.

  2. Research Mandela effect this isn’t the only one. Don’t feed into the hype of “false memories”. They are real. You will understand after you research.

  3. Is Relevant turning into CNN? Do you claim to report “Relevant” Christian, God glorifying articles… but have just fallen into the click bait ratings trap that every money hungry “news site” falls into? This seems highly irrelevant to what God is doing today, or any day for that matter.

  4. People are simply remembering the movie Kazaam incorrectly. The word “Shazaam” sounds more like a magic word than “Kazaam.” There was also a Hanna-Barbera cartoon in the late 60’s called “Shazzan” about a genie, and there is a DC comic book character called “Shazam.” Likewise, Sinbad sounds like a more logical choice to play a genie in the 90’s than Shaq, because Sinbad is an actor/comedian, and he has a Middle-Eastern sounding stage name.

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