Police Shoot African-American Man During Routine Traffic Stop; His Girlfriend Live-Streams the Aftermath


Just days after Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police in Baton Rouge, another black man has been shot and killed by police. And, in another deeply unsettling video, his girlfriend filmed the aftermath on Facebook Live.

Philando Castile, 32, was in a car with his girlfriend and young daughter when officers pulled them over for a broken tail light. Moments later, he was shot dead by police. In a graphic video that begins moments after the shooting, Diamond Reynolds starts filming a Facebook Live stream, explaining that they had just been pulled over. She says that her boyfriend informed the officer that he was licensed to carry a concealed weapon. She then says that the officer shot him after he reached for his drivers license as instructed.

At that point, an officer approaches the vehicle pointing his gun at Reynolds while screaming at her. The video is incredibly difficult to watch, as Reynolds can be heard repeatedly screaming, “Please Jesus, don’t let him be gone!” She can then be heard praying fervently that God would save him.

Later, someone, possibly the officer, can then be heard shouting obscenities in the background.

Overnight, protests erupted not far from the shooting in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, as crowds demanded answers for Castile’s death. Castile worked at a nearby school, where he was a kitchen supervisor.

2 thoughts on “Police Shoot African-American Man During Routine Traffic Stop; His Girlfriend Live-Streams the Aftermath

  1. First, I find this story disturbing like any decent people would. I recommend seeing the facts before establishing opinions and making judgments.

    But considering the nature of the articles in recent weeks, what’s also tragic how the protest in Dallas resulted in the shootings of 11 officers, and at the time of this post, five of them dead. Before anyone here writes another (politically motivated) article with in effect praises those who are on the side of cop killers, remember this incident. I visit the Relevant site for certain reasons, spiritually-related ones. But any more one-sided articles which condemn those making the world we live in safer by drawing facts out of proportion, I will stop coming here.

  2. Yes, come cops get trigger-happy and exceed their authority. But 98 percent of them are good. And I resent how they are loosely labeled as racists as that hasn’t been a factor in the majority of cases.

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