Report: Over 17,000 People Have Died of Torture in Syria


A new report from Amnesty International has presented evidence of extrajudicial killings in Syria: As many as 13,000 people were hanged between 2011 to 2015 in a prison north of Damascus known to locals as “the slaughterhouse.”

The extrajudicial killings would take place after “sham trials” that lasted only 1-2 minutes. The report shows the killings were also authorized by the highest levels of government, including deputies of President Bashar Assad. Other rights groups have found evidence of widespread torture used in the region by the government since late 1980. Over 17,000 people have died of torture in imprisoned custody across Syria since 2011. Syrian government officials did not comment on the report which featured interviews with 31 former detainees and over 50 other officials.

“These executions take place after a sham trial that lasts over a minute or two minutes, but they are authorized by the highest levels of authority,” Lynn Maalouf, deputy director of research at Amnesty’s regional office in Beirut, told the Associated Press.

What makes these numbers even more appalling is that it’s comparable to the death count in Aleppo where 21,000 were killed in Syria’s hotbed of conflict between ISIS and government forces.

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