Study: America’s Poorest Are More Generous than the Country's Wealthiest

BY RELEVANT LIFE March 22, 2013

Despite frequent news headlines about the generosity of American billionaires, according to a new study, in the U.S., the poor are more generous than the rich. The Atlantic recently looked at one of the most “confounding, facts of charity in America”: People who can’t really afford to give, typically donate more than those who can afford to.

In recent years, the top 20% of America’s wealthiest donated 1.3% of their incomes to charity, while the bottom 20% gave 3.2% of theirs. When sociologists looked at what’s behind the numbers, they found a surprising reason: It’s not that the country’s poorest are more generous than the typical person, it’s that America’s rich are far less generous than most people …

One thought on “Study: America’s Poorest Are More Generous than the Country’s Wealthiest

  1. Whether poor or rich, being generous is a must. As we all know, we can’t bring our wealth when we die. The wealth that I am referring is whether you have a little money or a bunch one. For me, the very important upon living is how you live your life and how will you be remembered by people.

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