Viral Marketing Prank May Have Gone Too Far


A marketing stunt promoting the new movie Dead Man Down has some critics saying that the viral video agency behind the prank went too far. The campaign asks, “What would you do if you walked in on a murder in progress?” Here’s the set up: Hidden cameras were rigged in and around an elevator. When the doors opened to the awaiting victim, they would see one man attempting to strangle another. The cameras capture the victims’ reactions. Some shriek in horror; some run away; several try to intervene.

Though Thinkmodo, the group behind the stunt says it was all done in a controlled environment and the victims were told they’d be a part of a “focus group”, this one seems to have crossed the line of good taste (and even amusement). It’s not the group’s first controversial viral video stunt. Last year, they caused a stir when they unleashed several remote controlled “flying men” over New York (video below) promoting the movie Chronicle