Which Monopoly Piece Will You Save?

BY RELEVANT LIFE January 10, 2013

Monopoly’s getting a facelift, and its tokens are all on the chopping block. The board game, famous for taking as long as a normal board game to just set up and then about three days to actually play, is going to bring in a new game token sometime this year. You can vote on what token that will be (check out your options below), but Monopoly rules dictate that only eight game tokens be allowed in the game, and Monopoly rules are a solemn force that can never be broken. So, you can vote on a robot, a ring, a helicopter, a cat or a guitar, but one of the old pieces has got to go. Who will you vote to save? The thimble? The boot? Or will you vote to save the dog because, really, what would Monopoly be without the little dog? You can go vote on Monopoly’s Facebook page, which is at least as fun as playing Monopoly itself …

One thought on “Which Monopoly Piece Will You Save?

  1. Luckily, the cat survives the battle. One of the most well-liked and enduring games, Monopoly, loved its 78th birthday last February 6. Hasbro, which sells the game, marked the day by retiring the old flat iron token in favor of a brand new cat. In the meantime, it is still a great way to teach your children some fundamental personal finance classes.

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