An Alabama Church Will Be Able to Offer up to Five Hundred COVID-19 Tests per Day

A church will be able to help Alabama offer up to five hundreds COVID-19 tests per day. Christian rapper Flame’s lawsuit against Katy Perry has hit a snag and Jon Foreman has some new songs for your self-quarantine needs.
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Woody Allen’s Memoir Has Been Dropped by His Publisher

Woody Allen’s memoir has been dropped by his publisher. Alabama has put a man to death, despite serious questions about his case and the Disney classic spinoff series nobody asked for.
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Episode 2: Not Your Parent’s Sunday School with Beth Cunningham

Stats show that 43% of Christians come to faith before the age of 12 and 28% of Christians were led to Christ by a children’s ministry leader. They also show that one of the best ways to attract new adults to a church is by making their kids want to…
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Selena Gomez Speaks Out Against Social Media

Selena Gomez says social media has been “terrible” for her generation, the Alabama Senate passed the nation’s most restrictive abortion law and an upcoming miniseries will explore the story of a pastor who turned to a life of crime.