What on Earth Happened at the National Prayer Breakfast?

The National Prayer Breakfast Was a Weird One, Even by the National Prayer Breakfast’s Standards. A New Law in Utah Would Put Health Advisories on Pornography and We’ve Got Our First Look at Amazon Prime’s New Movie the Vast of Night.
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Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Has Found Its Galadriel

Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Has Found Its Galadriel. A Bethel Worship Leader Is Asking for God to Resurrect Her Daughter and We’ve Got Our First Look at ‘a Quiet Place: Part II’.
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Nevada is Preparing for a State of Emergency at Area 51

It started out fun, but now Nevada is preparing for a state of emergency at Area 51. A Texas death row inmate who maintained his innocence till the end asked God to forgive his executioners with his final breath. And the Amazon rainforests are burning…
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Ohio’s Heartbeat Abortion Bill Hits a Major Roadblock

Ohio’s heartbeat abortion bill hits a major roadblock. A rise in deforestation efforts in the Amazon has environmentalists concerned. And Disney finds its new Little Mermaid.