Gallup Says National Pride Has Hit an All-Time Low

A new Gallup Poll finds that American pride has broken an unfortunate record. Quaker Oats has made a long-awaited decision. And the new ‘Candyman’ remake has a haunting short film.
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An ‘American Idol’ Contestant Led the Judges in a Prayer

A contestant on ‘American Idol’ led all the judges in a prayer. New research suggests that dogs really do feel love. And the Jim Henson Company has announced its next movie.
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A Movie About the Life of Christ Is Being Made in Sign Language

For the first time ever, a movie about Jesus will be made in American Sign Language. A Christian Post editor has resigned over the newspaper’s pro-Trump editorial. And Kanye West’s Christmas album is here.  
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The Catholic Church Could Soon Face Thousands of New Sexual Abuse Claims

The Catholic Church Could Soon Face Thousands of New Sexual Abuse Claims Thanks to New Laws. The Number of American Adults Who Give to Charity Has Fallen Dramatically. And, There’s a New Christmas Song From the Reach Records Gang That You’ve Got…
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The American Bible Society Is Giving Away Bibles to Kanye West Fans

The American Bible Society Is Giving Away Free Bibles to Curious Kanye West Fans. Andrew Garfield Will Star in Lin Manuel Miranda’s New Netflix Film. And, We Tell You How Long You Keep That Pile of Harvest Party Candy You Are Now Sitting On.
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Christian Leaders Are Speaking Following This Weekend’s Mass Shootings

Christian leaders are speaking out following a weekend of deadly shootings in America. After years of searching, archaeologists in Israel believe they have found the “Church of the Apostles” in Israel. And, comedian Jim Gaffigan goes dark in his…
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Fiona Apple Is Donating the Royalties From Her Biggest Song to Refugee Relief

Fiona Apple will donate royalties from her biggest song to refugee relief. A Gallup poll says American pride is at an all-time low. And the next big music biopic is someone Christians will be familiar with.
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Study: Black Men Serve Longer Sentences Than White Men for the Same Crimes

A new study puts the racial disparity of the justice system into perspective, American Christians are losing interest in evangelism and a kindly dinner invitation has gone viral and changed at least one life.