Episode 13: Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo is a rapper and producer known for the hit song “You Can’t Stop Me,” as well as a slew of Billboard-charting albums. He joins Cameron before one of the final stops on this spring’s sold-out Unashamed Forever Tour, which included his…
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Episode 603: Andy Mineo

This week, we talk with Andy Mineo about his brand new EP, The Arrow, and how his struggle with anxiety, fear and doubt led to a creative breakthrough.

The gang also discusses Donald Glover’s controversial new music video, hears about the plan to bring Colin Kaepernick to the White House, dives into a very strange rabbit hole about lighthouse keepers and a lot more!

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Episode 01: With Andy Mineo And Wordsplayed

On the debut episode of RELEVANT Is Doing a Sports Podcast, Chicago Bears linebacker Sam Acho, Willow Creek pastor Steve Carter and RELEVANT’s Jesse Carey take a look at the…
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Episode 570: Andy Mineo

This week, we talk with Andy Mineo about his brand-new mixtape Magic & Bird and how he overcame a personal — and spiritual — crisis. Author and counselor Deb Fileta also…
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Ira Glass & Andy Mineo

This week, we talk with “This American Life” host and creator Ira Glass about the show’s creative process, its fascination with people of faith and what the media often gets wrong about Christians. Rapper Andy Mineo also joins us to discuss some of the songs that changed his life. The gang also explains an exciting opportunity for the pun-geniuses behind America’s church signs, shares why you shouldn’t get your significant other a flower bouquet this year for Valentine’s Day, hears Ricky Gervais debate Stephen Colbert about the existence of God and a lot more!