Apple Offers New Discount to Make Amends for iPhone Gate

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Apple’s Rumored ‘Smart Home’ Techonology Sounds Pretty Cool

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The Irony of Our “Accessibility”

Columnist Will Anderson writes about a conversation he had with two homeless men that caused him to consider true accessibility versus the “accessibility” of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

W.W.J.D. in an iWorld

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Apple Faces Protests This Morning

Protesters will stage demonstrations at several Apple stores around the world to show concern about the treatment of the company’s suppliers’ factory workers in China.

Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

Kristin Tennant shares 4 valuable lessons about life—and faith—that she learned from the life of Steve Jobs.

Spotted: Unreleased iPad, Out and About

Apple fanatics are in a frenzy (though when are they not?) over what is believed to be an unreleased version of the iPad that appeared at a News Corps press conference on Wednesday.

What Are Smartphones Doing to Us?

Brett McCracken writes a feature for RELEVANT about the new iPhone and how smartphones and all they bring are affecting our humanity.