What Does It Mean to Be Discerning With How We Watch Movies?

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Why Newest, Latest, Brightest Isn’t Always Best

Our cravings often center on the latest and greatest innovation—what’s newly released, updated and current. But is there anything to be learned from the old and familiar we think we know so well?

Where Did Good Christian Fiction Go?

Micah Levi Conkling challenges Christian readers and writers to demand more of spiritual fiction.

The Greatest Story Ever Played

Jordan Ekeroth writes about the power of story, and how modern video games are using it for good.

The Gospel of Video Games

Jordan Ekeroth writes about the tension Christians feel toward video games—either to dismiss them or over-spiritualize them—and how artists can move past that.

A New Standard for Creativity

Josh Marsh writes about the nonprofit he and a few of his friends started, The Likeness Standard, which sells art and donates to other nonprofits.

Thou Shalt Read

Karen Swallow Prior writes about why reading isn’t just a hobby, but an invaluable addition to our faith.

The Wasted Potential of Video Game Violence

Drew Dixon writes about how video games waste the power of violence and how it can be better used as an art form.

A Movement of Worship

In light of the So You Think You Can Dance finale, Tonia Nible writes about the power of dance within the Church.

Providing for Our Pipe Dreams

CJ Casciotta writes for RELEVANT about how our entrepreneurial generation is creatively using community to provide for their pipe dreams.

A New Lesson from an Old Hymn

David Condolora writes for RELEVANT about what an Ebenezer really is, and how we still make them today.

Movies That Matter: The Double Life of Veronique

Andrew Welch writes a blog for RELEVANT about the Kieslowski film The Double Life of Veronique.

Getting Through Saturday

Brett McCracken writes a column for RELEVANT about Holy Saturday, talking about how we all wait while creation is in groaning for completion.

The Biggest Waste of Space in America

How can we make sure our church space isn’t going to waste on other days besides Sunday and Wednesday? RELEVANT looks at the issue of church space and how we can be good stewards of our buildings.