Millennials Are the Biggest Liars of Any Generation, Survey Says

In the age of Instagram filters and LinkedIn embellishments, it seems that honesty may not…

Being ‘Authentic’ is More Than Just Being Honest

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Christians, Don’t Use ‘Authenticity’ as an Excuse to Be a Jerk

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Beyond Image Control

The people who have it all together are the very people we don’t relate to, envy or even resent. So why do we spend so much time editing photos, carefully constructing bios and perfecting our profile to be exactly what we want others to see? And what would happen if we didn’t?

The Power of Confession

We don’t often find time—or courage—for true and honest connection, and that holds true in the context of our church communities as well. But what do we lose in not making time or mustering the courage for it? Our columnist Anne Jackson gently peels back the layers of this question and invites us deeper into truth.

Has America Lost Faith?

Max Dubinsky writes about his experiences on a cross-country journey to find God outside of the church and in the streets.

Leaving the Manufactured Church

Rachel Daniels writes a column for RELEVANT about how we’ve attempted to manufacture a corporate Church, and how we can return to God’s original desire for His Church.

The Best Prayer Is a Helpless One

Scott Douglas writes a column for RELEVANT looking at how prayer might be best when it’s offered in a helpless state of being.

How to Sell the Son of God

Jesse Medina writes a column for RELEVANT wondering why we do such a poor job of living lives for Christ that are authentic and attractive to nonbelievers.

A Place to Be Honest

Wendy Harbottle writes a blog for RELEVANT about Jesus’ desire to love and be there for us and how the church can be a place to be authentic.

What Drew Me

Perhaps you can relate to my story. I was crying for something authentic. I was…