Beyonce’s New Visual Album ‘Black Is King’ Has Arrived

Beyonce’s brand new visual album has arrived. Billie Eilish has released a new single and Rep. John Lewis has been laid to rest. 
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Beyonce Reveals the Full Trailer for Her New Visual Album ‘Black Is King’

Beyonce has a first peek of her next visual album experience. Twitter decides which Christian phrases have got to go. And Elon Musk muses about the future of streaming music.
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Louie Giglio Has Posted a New Video Saying He Is ‘Deeply Sorry’ for His ‘White Blessing’ Comments

 Louie Giglio apologizes for “white blessing” comments. Beyonce makes a rare public statement. And ‘30 Rock’ is making a return.
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A New Beyoncé-Curated Lion King Album Is Coming

Beyoncé has curated a new Lion King album on the way. The woman convicted of manslaughter in a teen suicide case is asking the Supreme Court to review her case. And our first look at the new Star Trek series Picard has landed.
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Scientists Can Partly Restore Brain Activity In Dead Pigs

Scientists have been able to restore some brain activity in dead pigs, an Ohio church is under fire for encouraging its students to physically assail one of their pastors and Beyonce comes back for throne.