Making the Most of a Breakup

Joe Terrell writes a blog for RELEVANT about the lessons he learned from a breakup—and how it was a call for him to get closer to God.

WWJC: What Would Jesus Comment?

Sam Greenlee on how to play nice online.

The God of Cigarettes

David Bibee on smoking and other vices that rely on a creation rather than a Creator.

Remembering the Faith of Whitney Houston

David Masciotra reflects on Whitney Houston’s life, her faith and the truth shared at her funeral.

The Selfish Network

David Wenell writes about how our networking can often be an objectification of people as a means to an end.

Making a Point on Mr. Sunshine

Rachel Decker writes a column for RELEVANT about what an episode of Mr. Sunshine can teach viewers about the dangers of miscommunication.

MBG: Parts and Labor

One of my favorite albums from 2007, Parts and Labor’s Mapmaker combined the inaccessibility of…

Six Months Later

Okay. So, I began blogging here on my Releblog when it first launched (like a…

Where to begin?!

I usually start an entry in my personal blog with some random and likely insignificant…