God’s Heart for People Struggling With Suicide

RELEVANT imagines what God would say to the suicidal.

Why I’m Not Giving up on Church

In 2011 the largest denomination in the United States, the Southern Baptist Convention, announced the…

Valued and Broken—All at Once

Our columnist Kristin Tennant probes and processes the one part of the Gospel that is difficult for her to swallow—that in God’s eyes, she is of incredible value.

Standing for Those Who Cannot Walk Away

Nicola was 16 when she was in Singapore for a mission trip—and mistaken for a prostitute. She was able to walk away, but her heart broke for those who cannot.

Battling Alcoholism— and Brokenness

Kirsten Lamb writes a blog for RELEVANT exploring the ways her father’s alcoholism affected her and how all of us deal with brokenness.

The Best Prayer Is a Helpless One

Scott Douglas writes a column for RELEVANT looking at how prayer might be best when it’s offered in a helpless state of being.

Living In Brokenness

Let me introduce you to my friend, Jack. He is the guy to know if…

Life And Death

Have you listened to the radio lately? No, not just listening to the beats or…