The ‘$70,000 Minimum Wage’ CEO’s Vision of a Better America

Even if you don’t keep up with tech or business news, you’ve probably heard about…

Turns Out ‘The Social Network’ Was Right About Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s time before Congress this week presented him as a hyper-calculating, somewhat condescending, terrifically…

Apple Faces Protests This Morning

Protesters will stage demonstrations at several Apple stores around the world to show concern about the treatment of the company’s suppliers’ factory workers in China.

A New Standard for Creativity

Josh Marsh writes about the nonprofit he and a few of his friends started, The Likeness Standard, which sells art and donates to other nonprofits.

The Selfish Network

David Wenell writes about how our networking can often be an objectification of people as a means to an end.

while looking through a financial magazine i noticed that there was a non-profit that was…

Brushing Up On Business Skills

All etiquette, including business etiquette, is based on the Golden Rule: Do unto others as…