Cameron Strang


Founder Cameron Strang on our May/June issue, the new changes to RELEVANT in print and online and the importance of taking risks.

Rethink Everything

Founder Cameron Strang shares more about the ninth anniversary of RELEVANT, the March 2012 issue and how the magazine has expanded to multi-platform publishing.

Be the Change You Want to See

Cameron Strang, founder of RELEVANT, takes readers behind the January 2012 issue.

Who We Are … Not What We’ll Become

RELEVANT founder Cameron Strang on how our generation can make an impact on the future.

Rejecting Apathy

Cameron Strang, founder and CEO of RELEVANT, explains the vision for REJECT APATHY and why it’s so important that we take action.

Praying With President Obama

Cameron Strang writes his thoughts after attending the National Prayer Breakfast and hearing President Obama speak.

In Dog Years, We’d Be 49

Cameron Strang writes a column for RELEVANT looking back at the past 7 years of the magazine and looking forward to what the future might bring for RELEVANT.

Waiting on God

RELEVANT founder and CEO Cameron Strang writes about waiting on God in his—and his wife’s—life.

The Untold Story

The following is Cameron Strang’s First Word column from the January/February 2209 issue of RELEVANT.…

What it Means to be Whole-Life

The following is Cameron Strang’s First Word column from the November/December issue of RELEVANT. In…

Don’t Call It a Comeback

When we launched blogs last year, like every new blogger I had every intention to…

The Mailbag, Vol. 1

And so it begins. You are about to experience the very first weekly mailbag answered…

The Light Has Enough Light

One night last fall, my fiancee and I were in downtown Orlando on our way…