Carl Kozlowski

The Legacy of Ray Bradbury

At the age of 91, legendary author Ray Bradbury has passed away. Here is a recent interview with the author of the seminal Fahrenheit 451.

Why Tyler Perry Yelled at Us

RELEVANT talks to Tyler Perry about Madea, his audience, Spike Lee … and why he got so mad at us.

A Surprising Green Hornet

RELEVANT records a conversation with Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry about their new film The Green Hornet.

Natalie Portman on Black Swan

Natalie Portman talks about acting in her new film Black Swan in an interview recorded by RELEVANT.

The Divine Comfort in Film

Carl Kozlowski writes a moving blog for RELEVANT about the power of film in his own life and how he tries to share it with loved ones.

Hollywood’s Confusing Treatment of Sex

Carl Kozlowski writes a blog for RELEVANT about the treatment of sex and abstinence in several recent films, including Easy A and The Virginity Hit.

The Heart Behind the Power of Half

RELEVANT talked to Kevin Salwen, the man behind the book The Power of Half, about how he decided to give up half of his money to help people.

The Life and Faith of ‘Chuck’ Star Zac Levi

Zac Levi, the star of Chuck, talks to RELEVANT about his hit show and being a Christian in Hollywood.

The Spiritual Backbone of Law & Order: SVU

RELEVANT talks to Law & Order: SVU showrunner Amanda Green about the spiritual undertones of the show.