Report: China Wants Christians to Replace Pictures of Jesus With Ones of Their President

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the Communist Part of China (CPC) has…

Report: Two House Church Leaders and a Toddler Were Arrested in China For Worshipping in a Park

According to a disturbing new report, police in China arrested a woman named Xu Shizhen,…

Report: China to Be ‘World’s Most Christian Nation’ in the Next 15 Years

According to research from Purdue University professor Fenggang Yang, within less than a generation, China…

Analysts Uncertain, yet Optimistic, About the Global Forecast of Grain Supply

As the global demand for corn continues to rise, analysts are waiting to see the effect the U.S. drought will have on the international grain industry. Corn is increasingly being used to convert into ethanol in the U.S. and in high demand in China where it it used to feed into the meat industry, and it has yet to be seen how this year’s significant loss in harvest will impact grain use across the globe.

Who Are “the Bottom Billion”?

Tony Chen of Movement121, a social innovation company working to fight extreme poverty, writes about misconceptions concerning the “bottom billion.”

Examining Myanmar’s Attempt at Democracy

Jake Sims writes about the recent controversial elections in Myanmar and how their attempt at democracy was more a show for its powerful allies.

The Tension of Responsibility

Josiah Norton writes about the tension between feeling compassion for those who are suffering and the responsibility to help.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: A Fresh Look at “Made in Italy”

Another installment of Kelsey Timmerman’s Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT. This week, he talks about his Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses that were Made in Italy.

Where Are You Wearing?

What if you could meet the people who made your clothes–the twentysomething girl in Cambodia…

Fake Plastic World

Laowai, simplified, is Chinese for “foreigner.” It can be used in both a generic and…