chris foster

Always Cheer After Blackouts

Columnist Chris Foster, who lives in Cambodia with his wife, writes about how the people in his community take care of one another and don’t take things like clean water and electricity for granted.

A Dreamer Who Likes to Do

People often talk about their profession as a means to an end, “It pays the…

Uncover Your Eyes, Become a Disciple

Chris Foster writes a column for RELEVANT about not closing our eyes to the problems and brokenness in the world.

Poverty is Also a Mindset

Chris Foster talks about the root cause of poverty—and overcoming them—in this blog for RELEVANT.

Cambodian Tarantula: Food for Thought

In his regular blog for RELEVANT, Chris Foster talks about eating tarantulas—and the need for action.

The Problem of Injustice

Chris Foster explores Year One in Cambodia and how the local church needs to help its community and not stand idly by in times of turmoil. Foster writes a Reject Apathy column for RELEVANT.

Sex Is Not a Trade

Chris Foster looks at the sex trade in Cambodia and calls on Christians to respond with action.

Children At Risk

Chris Foster talks about life in Cambodia and the importance of mentoring young believers. Specifically he tells the story of one of his Cambodian friends who is in the Next Step program.

Learning for Nothing

Students living in poverty in Cambodia must sometimes pay their teachers extra for their education. What would it be like for them to learn for nothing?

The Almighty Dollar

Working and living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I am learning to recognize the differences in…

Blurring Broken Hearts

There is so much to see. Too much to spend any respectable amount of time…