The Unexpected Benefits of Real Community

Here’s a story with which you may be familiar. Boy meets girl. They fall in…

The Beauty of Community

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of…

No One Said Loving Your Neighbor Would Be Easy

God has an amazing way of reminding us that nothing is beyond His sovereignty. I…

Seeking Something More

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father…

Going Deep

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17) Churches are meant to…

The Five Friends You Really Need

Long gone are the days of the junior high lunchroom—where kids seemed to be divided…

What Does It Mean to Be Discerning With How We Watch Movies?

Drawing the line between discernment and discretion.

The Real Power of Living in Community

Have you noticed the increase in cliche sayings such as, “Your vibe attracts your tribe”,…

How Social Media Made Me a Better Person

You often hear about the dangers of social media, including: narcissism, wasted time, envy of…

The Deeper Message of ‘The Walking Dead’

The third season of ‘The Walking Dead’ has reined in its highest following yet, with over 12 million viewers. But is it just the latest manifestation of the zombie craze, or does the show have something deeper to say?

Hospitality Outside of Pinterest

“Hospitality” may bring to mind your favorite Pinterest table shots, the Martha Stewart magazine or your grandmother’s Sunday dinner. This kind of hospitality may not be your kind of “thing,” but Christ’s idea of hospitality is actually much simpler than a decked-out dinner table.

The Power of Confession

We don’t often find time—or courage—for true and honest connection, and that holds true in the context of our church communities as well. But what do we lose in not making time or mustering the courage for it? Our columnist Anne Jackson gently peels back the layers of this question and invites us deeper into truth.

Want a Revolution? Make a Casserole.

Community is revolutionary. When we bring it to a rolling boil, lives change and plans foment that ripple around the world. But it’s hard to cook up community from scratch in middle-class North America. Some days, just getting to know the neighbors on your street can feel like trying to get the wave going at a football game while everybody stares at you from their seats. Still, we go on believing that God made people—all of us, no matter your Myers-Briggs profile type—to need other people. So we need to figure out how to break our ruts of commuting, watching Hulu, and consuming Hot Pockets alone. And we couldn’t have better guides on how to do this than Adam and Christine Jeske.

The Irony of Our “Accessibility”

Columnist Will Anderson writes about a conversation he had with two homeless men that caused him to consider true accessibility versus the “accessibility” of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

I Was Addicted to Video Games, Pt. 1

Jordan Ekeroth writes a column for RELEVANT about his compulsion to play video games and how it changed his relationships with people and with God.

People Are Not Peas

Jeremy Caruthers on the human tendency to categorize things—and why we shouldn’t do this to people.

Compassion in the Everyday

Kate Wise writes about her work in the social justice field, and applying her passion for others even in a 9-to-5 job.

I Facebook Creep (and So Do You)

Amanda Salmon explores the motivations for keeping tabs on former friends or lovers and how to quit creeping.

When Church Becomes a Verb

Ruth Rutherford writes about the awkward process of finding a church—and why it’s more active than passive.

The Salt of the Earth (and Chocolate)

MariJean Wegert writes about sharing coffee and community with a homeless man.

Love Your Neighbor, Know Your Neighbor

Ben Stevens shares how to make the leap from living in seclusion to engaging in community with your neighbors.

Uno and Math Homework on Skid Row

Rebecca Johnson writes about working with the homeless community on Skid Row and making connections with the children there.

Is Sexual Sin Communal Sin?

Andreana Reale breaks down the meaning of the word ‘porneia’, it’s historical and modern context and how it affects both the individual and the community.

The Mission Field in Your Backyard

Brooke Perry writes about her church’s relationship with a school in their city and how you don’t need to travel around the world to make an impact.

Has America Lost Faith?

Max Dubinsky writes about his experiences on a cross-country journey to find God outside of the church and in the streets.

Embracing Raw Community

Jeff Goins writes for Reject Apathy about entering into community with the homeless and not turning away when it’s difficult.

In Blood and Bond

Ryan Stillwater writes about how the death of his aunt encouraged him to love his family more intentionally than in the past.

My Friend, the Atheist

C.R. Wiley writes about what he has learned about his faith by befriending atheists.

Remembering Society’s Forgotten

Brett Byford writes a column for Reject Apathy about Christians’ call to remember and care for those in prison.

Why I Don’t Go to Church

Erika Morrison writes for RELEVANT about how she has found community and Christ outside of a conventional church.

Providing for Our Pipe Dreams

CJ Casciotta writes for RELEVANT about how our entrepreneurial generation is creatively using community to provide for their pipe dreams.

Are You Bad at Doing Church?

Kent Woodyard writes a blog for RELEVANT about how being a preacher’s kid has hindered him from making effort to find community as an adult.

Leaving the Manufactured Church

Rachel Daniels writes a column for RELEVANT about how we’ve attempted to manufacture a corporate Church, and how we can return to God’s original desire for His Church.

The Missions Field of Suburbia

Jed Brewer writes a blog for RELEVANT about why being called to the suburbs is just as important as an exotic and unconventional mission from God.

How To Make Lifelong Friends In College

A Slice in the third undergraduate edition of the RELEVANT Magazine College Guide discusses how students can make friends for life during their freshman year.

Friendship Behind Bars

REJECT APATHY columnist Brett Byford writes about his friendship with Myron, an inmate he met while speaking at a prison, and the importance of the Church seeking friendships with prisoners.

When Good Things Happen to Bad TV

Kent Woodyard writes for RELEVANT about why today’s worst sitcoms are the most successful, and the critically-acclaimed remain under-appreciated by America.

Rethinking Community

Nikki Raasch writes a blog for RELEVANT about how we’ve gotten mixed up about the purpose community and why it doesn’t exist to make us friends.

Making Music Communal

John Taylor writes a blog for RELEVANT about learning to reappreciate music in a community setting.

The Realistic Guide to Love

RELEVANT looks at how to make love work at every stage of a relationship—just in time for Valentine’s Day.