We Need More Creators and Fewer Critics

These days, everybody’s a critic. Just look at the things posted in the comment section…

Erwin McManus: Everyone Is a Creative

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5 Ways the Church Can Make Great Art Again

The church was once the workshop for the greatest art the world has ever known.…

Where Did Good Christian Fiction Go?

Micah Levi Conkling challenges Christian readers and writers to demand more of spiritual fiction.

A New Standard for Creativity

Josh Marsh writes about the nonprofit he and a few of his friends started, The Likeness Standard, which sells art and donates to other nonprofits.

A Movement of Worship

In light of the So You Think You Can Dance finale, Tonia Nible writes about the power of dance within the Church.

Critique by Creating

Stephanie S. Smith writes about finding a third way Christian can critique culture without being tolerant or hostile.

A New Lesson from an Old Hymn

David Condolora writes for RELEVANT about what an Ebenezer really is, and how we still make them today.

Splash In The River

Kids invent forts out of dining room tables, and fill the fort with a story.…

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