A Wedding Without the Fairy Tale

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues,…

The Death Penalty Is a Pro-Life Issue Too

Here’s when I realized the death penalty was a spiritual and a theological issue, not…

Everyone Wants To Go to Heaven, Just Not Yet

Tyler Charles writes a blog for RELEVANT about how all of us know we’re supposed to want to go to heaven … just not yet.

A Hope That Can Survive Death

Leanne Penny shares what she has learned since last Mother’s Day about life, death and hope.

Life After Loss

Katie McAleece remembers her father’s sudden death and shares advice for others coping with loss.

The Silent Grief of Miscarriage

Caleb Wilde writes about the pain miscarriages cause and why it shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Pain and Peace of Death

Gabe Holloway shares the story of his daughter, Annie, who survived only 45 minutes after birth.

Movies that Matter: The Seventh Seal

We continue the Movies that Matter series with The Seventh Seal, a classic horror with valuable lessons about faith and death.

In Blood and Bond

Ryan Stillwater writes about how the death of his aunt encouraged him to love his family more intentionally than in the past.

The Journey of Grief

Gabe Holloway shares the sorrows and hopes of his family in the wake of hearing a fatal diagnosis for their unborn daughter.

In Memory of John Stott

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson reflects on his time as an assistant to the late John Stott, and why the legacy of this leader will live on.

God Has Not Forgotten Your Pain

McKenzie Parker writes a blog for RELEVANT about the death of her grandmother and what she learned about God’s love in a time of grief.

Death, Grief and God’s Goodness

Wendy Harbottle writes a blog for RELEVANT about dealing with grief and death—and being reminded of God’s goodness in the process.

A Silent God

Scott Turbeville writes a blog for RELEVANt, describing his difficulty in dealing with the death of his mother and the apparent silence of God.

Grieving With Hope

On March 28, my sister died unexpectedly at the age of 24. She had a…