Activists Cry for Justice in the Case of George Floyd, Who Was Killed by Police Officers

George Floyd’s death spurs called for justice. A man is asking Twitter to delete Trump’s false tweets about his late wife. And a Christian singer comes clean about his faith.
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Haim’s New Quarantine Anthem ‘I Know Alone’ Is a Legit Great Tribute to Solitude

Haim has released yet another terrific single from their upcoming album. A federal inmate’s death raises questions about prison justice during the pandemic and we remember the legacy of Indian character actor Irrfan Khan.
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Woody Allen’s Memoir Has Been Dropped by His Publisher

Woody Allen’s memoir has been dropped by his publisher. Alabama has put a man to death, despite serious questions about his case and the Disney classic spinoff series nobody asked for.
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Nevada is Preparing for a State of Emergency at Area 51

It started out fun, but now Nevada is preparing for a state of emergency at Area 51. A Texas death row inmate who maintained his innocence till the end asked God to forgive his executioners with his final breath. And the Amazon rainforests are burning…