Episode 729: Derek Minor

On today’s show, we talk with rapper Derek Minor about the future of the church and culture and why casual racism is so harmful. Derek was one of 40 artists, thinkers, leaders and activists to join us for a series of roundtable interviews in the…
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Derek Minor

This week, we talked with hip-hop artist Derek Minor about his EP “1014,” the state of modern hip-hop and why Christians can not be silent about racial injustice. Also, Science…
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Lauren Winner

This week, Jesse joins the crew in-studio and Joy makes her return from sabbatical—and we do something we’ve never done in 10 years of podcasting: We record the show live, in one take! (Yikes.) Plus, we talk to Lauren Winner about her new book.
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Roma Downey

This week we talk to producer Roma Downey about her new NBC series, A.D. The Bible Continues. Plus, we spotlight hip hop artist Derek Minor and welcome a guest host. This episode is sponsored by VideoBlocks.