Episode 8: Chad Veach

On this episode, Dharius chats with Chad Veach, Pastor of ZOE Church in LA, about the importance of people skills. To our benefit or to our detriment, we are formed by our relationships. It’s important for us to know how our relationships affect us…
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Episode 7: Anthony ONeal

On today’s episode, Dharius sits down with bestselling author, speaker and financial expert Anthony ONeal to talk about revolutionary approaches to financial stewardship in the midst of economic uncertainty. Get ready for a lesson in not working for…
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Episode 6: Shameka Daniels

On this week’s episode, Dharius sits down with his wife, Shameka Daniels, to talk about being intentional with relationships—specifically dating and marriage. When you say “I do,” you aren’t just saying I do to the things you see, you’re also saying…
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Episode 5: Michelle Williams

On today’s episode, Dharius sits down with Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams to talk about her journey to fame, filling her spiritual well and how purpose is bigger than feelings. And don’t forget to stay tuned for the Ask Dr. Dharius segment,…
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Episode 4: Dr. Eric Mason

This week, Dr. Eric Mason—founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA—joins Dr. Dharius Daniels for a timely and important conversation about diversity, racism, the Church and what’s happening in our nation today. It’s an…
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Episode 3: Dr. Anita Phillips

How do we go from languishing to flourishing? How do we achieve a high quality of life? Find out on today’s episode as Dr. Dharius Daniels talks with therapist, minister and life coach Dr. Anita Phillips. It’s a powerful conversation. Plus, don’t miss…
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Episode 2: Christine Caine

This week, Dharius is joined by a global leader—author, speaker and activist Christine Caine. With her husband Nick, in 2008 she founded A21, an organization that combats human trafficking around the world. In 2015, Caine then founded Propel…
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Episode 1: Judah Smith

In his debut episode, Dharius is joined by Churchome pastor Judah Smith. They discuss the impact of quarantine, pursuing purpose over money, trusting God by saying no, and a lot more. Plus, stay tuned for the “Ask Dr. Dharius” segment, where listeners…
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