The Desire To Dream

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in…

How to Get Your Dream Going

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3 Reasons Why Following Your Heart Is a Bad Idea

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The Inevitable “Touch”

Our TV columnist on how the new Fox show Touch demonstrates the power of humanity’s connection.

Lessons From Leaving a Desk Job

Ryan Pemberton tells his story of moving to England to follow God’s calling and how to overcome the fears that accompany life dreams.

Quarter-Life Shipwreck

Christin Taylor writes about the inevitable reality-checks every 20-something experiences, and how she journeyed through hers.

Providing for Our Pipe Dreams

CJ Casciotta writes for RELEVANT about how our entrepreneurial generation is creatively using community to provide for their pipe dreams.

Seeking God’s Will with Humility

Carey Morford writes a blog for RELEVANT about seeking God’s will and realizing that the first step is humility.

The Line Between Giving Up and Acceptance

Cheri Saccone writes a blog for RELEVANT about how to adjust our expectations; she says we should not just fight for something that’s not going to happen.

Dream Came True

In my twenties, I am finally beginning to claim my dreams. Whether it is working…