Chance the Rapper to Donate $1 Million to Chicago Schools

Speaking at a press conference today at Westcott Elementary School, Chance the Rapper announced that he…

These Numbers Have Faces

These Numbers Have Faces is a relationally driven nonprofit that provides scholarships for students in South Africa.

5 Ways We Can Solve the Water Crisis

I recently visited a church that sent their youth group on a scavenger hunt around…

International Day of the Girl Inspires Creative Solutions

In honor of International Day of the Girl, CNN in partnership with global organization 10×10 has asked women around the world to fill in the blank: Girls + Education = _________. The result, in photos, is a striking collection of human inspiration and strength.

As many today observe this day and attempt to right the wrongs that often fall to women across the world, the various answers to this equation, as these girls see it, could stir global change.

Capturing Beauty in the Broken

Nikole Lim, a filmmaker and founder of Freely in Hope, writes a column for Reject Apathy about finding beauty in the broken and God’s restorative power.

Getting In Without Going Crazy

A Slice in the third undergraduate edition of the RELEVANT Magazine College Guide discusses some dos and don’ts of applying for college.

REVIEW: Living with a Literary Sensibility

RELEVANT posts an excerpt from David Masciotra’s forthcoming book, Faith That Won’t Die: Death, Defeat, Sex and Spirituality in One Rust Belt Town.

Overcoming Our Laziness in Missions

Columnist Lorae French writes about why education is such a key element to missions and how it plays a role in caring for orphans.

Teaching the ABCs of AIDS in Rwanda

Columnist Evan Davies writes about teaching HIV/AIDS awareness to his students in Rwanda, and how their perceptions of the disease are off.

Being Close to the Hurt

Columnist Jeremy Willet writes about the importance of child sponsorship programs in Africa and Haiti. He will be posting updates from Haiti as part of RELEVANT and Convoy of Hope’s Haiti School Project.

The Stranger Among Us

Columnist Danielle Mayfield considers the treatment of those who aren’t native English speakers and our acceptance of immigrants and refugees in light of the passing of immigration laws in Arizona.

Would You Do Anything for God?

Taylor Lyall writes about the thought that he would do anything for his favorite celebrity, but would he do the same for God? This thought leads him to teach in South Africa for a short time.

Learning for Nothing

Students living in poverty in Cambodia must sometimes pay their teachers extra for their education. What would it be like for them to learn for nothing?

Against the odds…

I read this article about education in Africa this week: Perhaps education always catches…

Science Challenges Tradition

This week, a group of astronomers announced that they have developed a technique that allows…

The Four (or Five Or Six)-year Path To Your Future

“A lot of people go to college for seven years,” the bumbling Tommy said as…

The Darndest Things

“I can’t wait to grow up, get a job and make lots of money so…