The Future of the Climate Fight

In February, huge swaths of the central and southern United States were plunged into a…

Facebook is Going to Start Adding Labels to Your Climate Change Posts

If you thought the debate about “free speech” on private tech platforms would start to…

A Better Kind of Disaster Relief

Yesterday’s Senate vote on Sandy aid posed an interesting dilemma: provide much-needed support for Hurricane Sandy victims or withhold aid and so avoid worsening our nation’s debt? Meanwhile, our society is burning through both money and natural resources that our generation is going to have to somehow find a way to pay for. So, what do we do?

Off the Grid

Take your explorations off the grid this summer–and learn about the world without the filter of a phone or camera.

Planting Trees Is About People

For Earth Day, Aly Lewis of Plant With Purpose writes about why caring for the earth transforms the lives of people.

How to Green Spring Clean

Nancy Sleeth shares 10 tips for effective spring cleaning, from creating your own Earth-friendly cleaners to ways to reduce the amount of cleaning.

Caring for Word Made Flesh

Liz Jakimow writes about the connection between “Word made flesh” and Christians’ call to care for the Earth.

A Christian Response to the Oil Spill

Jonathan Merritt writes an op-ed for RELEVANT about the Christian response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: Where Is Imported?

Another installment of Kelsey Timmerman’s weekly engaged consumer column, Where Am I Wearing?

Confessions of a Girl Going Green

We find ourselves living during a time of a green revolution, a time when people…