Episode 710: Erwin McManus

On the new podcast, we talk with author and pastor Erwin McManus about the importance of self-care—especially for people wanting to make an impact in the world. Also, Bianca Olthoff returns as we discuss Sia leading worship at Kanye’s latest…
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Episode 584: Mat Kearney & Erwin McManus

Mat Kearney joins us to discuss the songs that changed his life. We also talk with author, speaker and pastor Erwin McManus about how to live life without regrets—or fear of the future.
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Erwin McManus

This week we talk to a man of many talents – artist, entrepreneur, founder of MOSAIC, and author of the new book, “The Artisan Soul,” Erwin McManus. Plus, we introduce a new internet correspondent, give you the week’s news and entertainment, read through your Lent feedback and much more …