Evan Davies

A Guide to Giving

Evan Davies writes about what to consider when giving to a nonprofit.

Teaching the ABCs of AIDS in Rwanda

Columnist Evan Davies writes about teaching HIV/AIDS awareness to his students in Rwanda, and how their perceptions of the disease are off.

Living in a Culture of Community

Columnist Evan Davies writes about the community he’s discovered in Rwanda that truly takes care of each other.

Is Your Cell Phone Bringing Hell on Earth?

Columnist Evan Davies writes about conflict minerals in the Congo, and how some cell phones in America are contributing to war in the region.

A Skeptic’s View on Child Sponsorship

Columnist Evan Davies writes about an experience while teaching in Rwanda that helped him lose his doubts about child sponsorship.

The Hate Heard ‘Round the World

Living in a border refugee town in Rwanda, you get to meet all sorts of…

God Doesn’t Want You to Eat Bacon

There has been a bacon explosion in this nation and it must be stopped. Seriously—it’s…