Why Fear is Essential to Faith

Failure, going broke, earning the approval of others, natural disasters, presidential elections—there are plenty of things in life to be afraid of. We’re even afraid of being afraid! So, what does it mean when the Bible talks about fear as a healthy and even integral part of the Gospel?

Fear and Consequences

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Praying for Irrational Peace

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What to Do When Fear Holds You Back

Whether it’s launching that start-up, asking her out, making a big decision or a big move, we all have fears about committing to an idea. Here’s what makes the difference between holding back and fearlessly moving forward.

Who’s Afraid of Fear?

Spiders, bridges, public speaking, the dark—these are all considered somewhat normal fears. But is such fear normal for Christians who serve a supernatural God?

Freedom From the “What Ifs”

Melissa Wilcox writes of her lifelong struggle with fear and anxiety and her journey to find peace.

Movies that Matter: The Seventh Seal

We continue the Movies that Matter series with The Seventh Seal, a classic horror with valuable lessons about faith and death.

The Fear of Fasting

In this excerpt from 40 Days without Food, Russ Masterson shares the fears and hopes that led him to embark on a 40-day fast.


God, I’m afraid of strangers. They say things I don’t understand, and I’m scared that…

Faith Or Fear?

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Answering The Cry For Hope

When anxiety and pressure consume our day are we putting our hope in Christ?