Tom Cruise Will Star in a New Movie Literally Shot in Space

Tom Cruise is apparently taking Hollywood to the final frontier. An Ohio lawmaker is using the Bible as an excuse to forego a facemask. And the latest song from For King & Country is here.
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Amy Klobuchar Says Pro-Life Democrats Are “Part of Our Party”

Klobuchar Says She Believes There’s Room for Pro-Life Voters in the Democratic Party. A New Study Reveals What Pastors Are Concerned About and, Hey, Why Was “Hookers for Jesus” Trending on Twitter?
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For King & Country Team Up with Legendary Hip-Hop Producer Timbaland

Christian rock band For King and Country have teamed with Timbaland for their latest single. Plus, a police officer in Miami has been acquitted of two felonies after shooting an unarmed black man while the mental health therapist was assisting a…