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Hospitality Outside of Pinterest

“Hospitality” may bring to mind your favorite Pinterest table shots, the Martha Stewart magazine or your grandmother’s Sunday dinner. This kind of hospitality may not be your kind of “thing,” but Christ’s idea of hospitality is actually much simpler than a decked-out dinner table.

Brokering Charity

It’s a great thing to give to organizations who are on the front lines serving those in need. But perhaps we also need to step out among those in need ourselves, where life gets a little more messy, and a little deeper in the Kingdom.

Meals that Change Your Life

Adam McHugh writes a blog for RELEVANT about learning to appreciate hospitality and how a meal can communicate something profoundly holy.

A Real Urban Cowboy

One man considers just how much God has called him to give up—surely more than a few dollars to the guy on the corner.

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Andrew Schwab writes a column for RELEVANT about how we can think about homelessness—especially peoples’ motives.